GNF SymAtlas + NCI-60 cancer cell lines, comparison of cancers vs non-cancers, human (Su, 2004; Ross, 2000)


Results for FOXM1_TBL1XR1

Z-value: 0.39

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Transcription factors associated with FOXM1_TBL1XR1

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSG00000111206.8 forkhead box M1
ENSG00000177565.11 TBL1X receptor 1

Activity-expression correlation:

GenePromoterPearson corr. coef.P-valuePlot

Activity profile of FOXM1_TBL1XR1 motif

Sorted Z-values of FOXM1_TBL1XR1 motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr12_-_91574142 70.20 ENST00000547937.1
chr12_-_91572278 33.12 ENST00000425043.1
chr18_+_74240610 32.61 ENST00000578092.1
long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 908
chr12_-_10022735 31.64 ENST00000228438.2
C-type lectin domain family 2, member B
chr12_-_91573132 31.40 ENST00000550563.1
chr16_-_30032610 30.61 ENST00000574405.1
double C2-like domains, alpha
chr3_+_189507460 28.70 ENST00000434928.1
tumor protein p63
chr12_-_91576429 27.41 ENST00000552145.1
chr12_-_91576561 27.10 ENST00000547568.2
chr11_+_5710919 25.85 ENST00000379965.3
tripartite motif containing 22
chr12_-_91573249 24.82 ENST00000550099.1
chr4_+_175204818 24.56 ENST00000503780.1
centrosomal protein 44kDa
chr22_-_27620603 24.14 ENST00000418271.1
chr12_-_91539918 23.79 ENST00000548218.1
chr6_+_33048222 23.57 ENST00000428835.1
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP beta 1
chr12_-_91546926 23.51 ENST00000550758.1
chr12_+_66218212 22.40 ENST00000393578.3
high mobility group AT-hook 2
chr19_+_52901094 21.65 ENST00000391788.2
zinc finger protein 528
chr12_+_8995832 20.92 ENST00000541459.1
alpha-2-macroglobulin-like 1
chr6_+_32605195 20.61 ENST00000374949.2
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 1
chr12_-_15038779 20.12 ENST00000228938.5
matrix Gla protein
chr11_+_114168085 19.08 ENST00000541754.1
nicotinamide N-methyltransferase
chr2_-_89459813 18.64 ENST00000390256.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 6-21 (non-functional)
chr1_-_20306909 17.95 ENST00000375111.3
phospholipase A2, group IIA (platelets, synovial fluid)
chr6_+_33043703 17.77 ENST00000418931.2
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP beta 1
chr11_-_5255696 17.68 ENST00000292901.3
hemoglobin, delta
chr3_+_29322437 17.50 ENST00000434693.2
RNA binding motif, single stranded interacting protein 3
chr1_-_169680745 17.03 ENST00000236147.4
selectin L
chr17_+_41857793 16.53 ENST00000449302.3
chromosome 17 open reading frame 105
chr5_+_40909354 16.49 ENST00000313164.9
complement component 7
chr3_-_112127981 16.40 ENST00000486726.2
chr16_+_58283814 16.26 ENST00000443128.2
coiled-coil domain containing 113
chr22_+_23264766 16.09 ENST00000390331.2
immunoglobulin lambda constant 7
chr12_+_69742121 15.87 ENST00000261267.2
chr19_-_6690723 15.79 ENST00000601008.1
complement component 3
chr18_-_21017817 15.77 ENST00000542162.1
transmembrane protein 241
chr1_-_161277210 15.64 ENST00000491222.2
myelin protein zero
chr19_+_49838653 15.59 ENST00000598095.1
CD37 molecule
chr13_-_46756351 15.08 ENST00000323076.2
lymphocyte cytosolic protein 1 (L-plastin)
chr22_+_23241661 14.87 ENST00000390322.2
immunoglobulin lambda joining 2
chr3_+_29323043 14.84 ENST00000452462.1
RNA binding motif, single stranded interacting protein 3
chr7_+_73623717 14.68 ENST00000344995.5
linker for activation of T cells family, member 2
chrX_-_55057403 14.66 ENST00000396198.3
aminolevulinate, delta-, synthase 2
chr13_-_30881621 14.65 ENST00000380615.3
katanin p60 subunit A-like 1
chr19_+_19976714 14.65 ENST00000589717.1
zinc finger protein 253
chr17_-_41465674 14.63 ENST00000592135.1
long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 910
chr6_+_32709119 14.61 ENST00000374940.3
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 2
chr2_-_90538397 14.54 ENST00000443397.3
Uncharacterized protein
chr1_+_145439306 14.53 ENST00000425134.1
thioredoxin interacting protein
chr17_-_29641084 14.47 ENST00000544462.1
ecotropic viral integration site 2B
chr19_+_41509851 14.47 ENST00000593831.1
cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily B, polypeptide 6
chr19_-_37701386 14.31 ENST00000527838.1
zinc finger protein 585B
chr7_+_80275621 14.31 ENST00000426978.1
CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)
chr2_+_87565634 14.30 ENST00000421835.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 3/OR2-268 (non-functional)
chr9_+_75766652 13.84 ENST00000257497.6
annexin A1
chr5_-_42812143 13.77 ENST00000514985.1
selenoprotein P, plasma, 1
chr1_+_153330322 13.48 ENST00000368738.3
S100 calcium binding protein A9
chr22_+_23237555 13.39 ENST00000390321.2
immunoglobulin lambda constant 1 (Mcg marker)
chr2_-_238322800 13.29 ENST00000392004.3
collagen, type VI, alpha 3
chr8_-_90769422 13.25 ENST00000524190.1
chr12_-_8815404 13.24 ENST00000359478.2
microfibrillar associated protein 5
chr1_+_89829610 13.14 ENST00000370456.4
guanylate binding protein family, member 6
chr19_-_36399149 13.12 ENST00000585901.2
TYRO protein tyrosine kinase binding protein
chr2_-_238322770 13.11 ENST00000472056.1
collagen, type VI, alpha 3
chr19_+_42381173 13.08 ENST00000221972.3
CD79a molecule, immunoglobulin-associated alpha
chr6_+_111580508 13.08 ENST00000368847.4
chr18_+_71815743 13.07 ENST00000169551.6
translocase of inner mitochondrial membrane 21 homolog (yeast)
chr11_+_114128522 13.04 ENST00000535401.1
nicotinamide N-methyltransferase
chr3_-_138763734 13.03 ENST00000413199.1
proline rich 23C
chr3_+_29322803 13.02 ENST00000396583.3
RNA binding motif, single stranded interacting protein 3
chrX_-_70329118 13.02 ENST00000374188.3
interleukin 2 receptor, gamma
chr12_-_15104040 12.96 ENST00000541644.1
Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor (GDI) beta
chrX_-_107018969 12.88 ENST00000372383.4
TSC22 domain family, member 3
chr1_+_198608146 12.84 ENST00000367376.2
protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, C
chr1_+_158815588 12.70 ENST00000438394.1
myeloid cell nuclear differentiation antigen
chr9_+_74526384 12.62 ENST00000334731.2
chromosome 9 open reading frame 85
chr11_-_5248294 12.55 ENST00000335295.4
hemoglobin, beta
chr6_+_56954867 12.49 ENST00000370708.4
zinc finger protein 451
chr3_+_29322933 12.39 ENST00000273139.9
RNA binding motif, single stranded interacting protein 3
chr2_-_238323007 12.35 ENST00000295550.4
collagen, type VI, alpha 3
chr2_+_113033164 12.27 ENST00000409871.1
zinc finger CCCH-type containing 6
chr4_-_46911223 12.27 ENST00000396533.1
cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIb2
chr17_-_34313685 12.24 ENST00000435911.2
chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 14
chr22_+_23247030 12.24 ENST00000390324.2
immunoglobulin lambda joining 3
chr7_+_80275953 12.18 ENST00000538969.1
CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)
chr13_-_38172863 12.11 ENST00000541481.1
periostin, osteoblast specific factor
chr1_-_12677714 12.06 ENST00000376223.2
dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 3
chr15_-_47426320 12.05 ENST00000557832.1
chr11_+_82612740 12.04 ENST00000524921.1
chromosome 11 open reading frame 82
chr12_+_75874580 11.93 ENST00000456650.3
GLI pathogenesis-related 1
chr11_-_5255861 11.92 ENST00000380299.3
hemoglobin, delta
chr8_-_27941380 11.90 ENST00000413272.2
nuclear GTPase, germinal center associated
chr6_-_32920794 11.89 ENST00000395305.3
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DM alpha
Uncharacterized protein
chr19_-_10333842 11.88 ENST00000317726.4
chr11_-_85565906 11.81 ENST00000544076.1
CDNA FLJ26432 fis, clone KDN01418; Uncharacterized protein
chr2_+_90211643 11.78 ENST00000390277.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 3D-11
chr2_+_189839046 11.74 ENST00000304636.3
collagen, type III, alpha 1
chr3_-_46506358 11.74 ENST00000417439.1
chr16_-_75498553 11.69 ENST00000569276.1
transmembrane protein 170A
Uncharacterized protein
chr12_-_11422630 11.69 ENST00000381842.3
proline-rich protein BstNI subfamily 3
chr14_+_75745477 11.66 ENST00000303562.4
FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog
chr21_+_27011584 11.66 ENST00000400532.1
junctional adhesion molecule 2
chr5_-_42811986 11.64 ENST00000511224.1
selenoprotein P, plasma, 1
chr12_-_8815299 11.59 ENST00000535336.1
microfibrillar associated protein 5
chr12_-_91573316 11.59 ENST00000393155.1
chr3_-_46506563 11.53 ENST00000231751.4
chr1_+_202830876 11.51 ENST00000456105.2
chr2_+_90273679 11.51 ENST00000423080.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 3D-7
chr12_-_9268707 11.50 ENST00000318602.7
chr12_-_91576750 11.48 ENST00000228329.5
chr22_-_17680472 11.43 ENST00000330232.4
cat eye syndrome chromosome region, candidate 1
chr1_+_117297007 11.40 ENST00000369478.3
CD2 molecule
chr14_-_106967788 11.40 ENST00000390622.2
immunoglobulin heavy variable 1-46
chr7_+_79998864 11.39 ENST00000435819.1
CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)
chr7_+_20686946 11.33 ENST00000443026.2
ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP), member 5
chr4_-_71532339 11.12 ENST00000254801.4
immunoglobulin J polypeptide, linker protein for immunoglobulin alpha and mu polypeptides
chr2_-_99224915 11.07 ENST00000328709.3
cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor 5
chr1_+_161185032 11.04 ENST00000367992.3
Fc fragment of IgE, high affinity I, receptor for; gamma polypeptide
chrX_-_103401649 11.00 ENST00000357421.4
solute carrier family 25, member 53
chrX_+_56259316 10.98 ENST00000468660.1
Kruppel-like factor 8
chr1_+_169337172 10.81 ENST00000367807.3
basic leucine zipper nuclear factor 1
chr12_-_10007448 10.76 ENST00000538152.1
C-type lectin domain family 2, member B
chr6_+_32605134 10.73 ENST00000343139.5
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 1
chr7_+_111846741 10.70 ENST00000421043.1
zinc finger protein 277
chr2_+_127413677 10.70 ENST00000356887.7
glycophorin C (Gerbich blood group)
chr17_+_38083977 10.69 ENST00000578802.1
chr11_+_114166536 10.64 ENST00000299964.3
nicotinamide N-methyltransferase
chr16_+_55512742 10.63 ENST00000568715.1
matrix metallopeptidase 2 (gelatinase A, 72kDa gelatinase, 72kDa type IV collagenase)
chr4_+_156587979 10.61 ENST00000511507.1
guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, alpha 3
chr7_+_26438187 10.58 ENST00000439120.1
chr4_-_46911248 10.58 ENST00000355591.3
cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIb2
chr6_+_6588902 10.52 ENST00000230568.4
lymphocyte antigen 86
chr16_-_5115913 10.51 ENST00000474471.3
chromosome 16 open reading frame 89
chr3_-_155461515 10.45 ENST00000399242.2
CDNA FLJ26134 fis, clone TMS03713; Uncharacterized protein
chr12_-_8218997 10.42 ENST00000307637.4
complement component 3a receptor 1
chr19_+_42381337 10.42 ENST00000597454.1
CD79a molecule, immunoglobulin-associated alpha
chr2_+_89975669 10.40 ENST00000474213.1
immunoglobulin kappa variable 2D-30
chr16_+_30483962 10.35 ENST00000356798.6
integrin, alpha L (antigen CD11A (p180), lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1; alpha polypeptide)
chr7_+_80275752 10.33 ENST00000419819.2
CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)
chr2_-_89278535 10.27 ENST00000390247.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 3-7 (non-functional)
chr6_-_27858570 10.26 ENST00000359303.2
histone cluster 1, H3j
chr13_+_31309645 10.26 ENST00000380490.3
arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein
chr19_-_11669960 10.25 ENST00000589171.1
elongation factor 1 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
chr17_-_66951474 10.23 ENST00000269080.2
ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 8
chr6_-_33048483 10.19 ENST00000419277.1
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DP alpha 1
chr5_+_82767583 10.18 ENST00000512590.2
chr1_-_153113927 10.11 ENST00000368752.4
small proline-rich protein 2B
chr4_-_74847800 10.11 ENST00000296029.3
platelet factor 4
chr2_-_89442621 10.10 ENST00000492167.1
immunoglobulin kappa variable 3-20
chr2_+_17935119 10.04 ENST00000317402.7
GEN1 Holliday junction 5' flap endonuclease
chr6_+_31583761 10.04 ENST00000376049.4
allograft inflammatory factor 1
chr10_+_70847852 10.03 ENST00000242465.3
chr6_+_31582961 10.01 ENST00000376059.3
allograft inflammatory factor 1
chr19_-_54784937 9.99 ENST00000434421.1
leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor, subfamily B (with TM and ITIM domains), member 2
chr4_+_76439665 9.97 ENST00000508105.1
THAP domain containing 6
chr6_+_29691056 9.92 ENST00000414333.1
major histocompatibility complex, class I, F
chr19_-_51531272 9.91 ENST00000319720.7
kallikrein-related peptidase 11
chr4_-_84035868 9.88 ENST00000426923.2
placenta-specific 8
chr10_-_28571015 9.85 ENST00000375719.3
membrane protein, palmitoylated 7 (MAGUK p55 subfamily member 7)
chr9_-_99417562 9.83 ENST00000375234.3
AhpC/TSA antioxidant enzyme domain containing 1
chr20_+_814377 9.72 ENST00000304189.2
family with sequence similarity 110, member A
chr10_+_17272608 9.72 ENST00000421459.2
chr11_+_114168773 9.70 ENST00000542647.1
nicotinamide N-methyltransferase
chr2_+_90060377 9.69 ENST00000436451.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 6D-21 (non-functional)
chr5_-_140013275 9.68 ENST00000512545.1
CD14 molecule
chr19_+_9296279 9.68 ENST00000344248.2
olfactory receptor, family 7, subfamily D, member 2
chr2_+_90108504 9.67 ENST00000390271.2
immunoglobulin kappa variable 6D-41 (non-functional)
chr13_-_44453826 9.63 ENST00000444614.3
coiled-coil domain containing 122
chr14_-_81687197 9.57 ENST00000553612.1
general transcription factor IIA, 1, 19/37kDa
chr7_-_76829125 9.57 ENST00000248598.5
fibrinogen-like 2
chr2_-_11272234 9.55 ENST00000590207.1
chr1_+_158801095 9.51 ENST00000368141.4
myeloid cell nuclear differentiation antigen
chr3_+_101546827 9.44 ENST00000461724.1
nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells inhibitor, zeta
chr17_-_40021656 9.42 ENST00000319121.3
kelch-like family member 11
chr1_+_151043070 9.39 ENST00000368918.3
GA binding protein transcription factor, beta subunit 2
chr4_+_156588115 9.38 ENST00000455639.2
guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, alpha 3
chr6_+_150920999 9.37 ENST00000367328.1
pleckstrin homology domain containing, family G (with RhoGef domain) member 1
chr4_+_156588249 9.34 ENST00000393832.3
guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, alpha 3
chr8_-_82395461 9.27 ENST00000256104.4
fatty acid binding protein 4, adipocyte
chr19_+_859425 9.23 ENST00000327726.6
complement factor D (adipsin)
chr18_+_39766626 9.22 ENST00000593234.1
long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 907
chr6_+_42018251 9.19 ENST00000372978.3
TAF8 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 43kDa
chr1_+_196788887 9.14 ENST00000320493.5
complement factor H-related 1
complement factor H-related 2
chr12_-_12491608 9.13 ENST00000545735.1
MANSC domain containing 1
chr12_+_124155652 9.09 ENST00000426174.2
tectonic family member 2
chr14_+_95078714 9.08 ENST00000393078.3
serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 3
chr22_+_23243156 9.03 ENST00000390323.2
immunoglobulin lambda constant 2 (Kern-Oz- marker)
chr11_-_59633951 9.02 ENST00000257264.3
transcobalamin I (vitamin B12 binding protein, R binder family)
chr3_-_155524049 8.84 ENST00000534941.1
chromosome 3 open reading frame 33
chr19_+_51645556 8.81 ENST00000601682.1
sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 7
chr20_-_35580240 8.74 ENST00000262878.4
SAM domain and HD domain 1
chr5_+_118690466 8.74 ENST00000503646.1
tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 8
chr11_+_92577506 8.72 ENST00000533797.1
FAT atypical cadherin 3
chrX_-_70331298 8.70 ENST00000456850.2
interleukin 2 receptor, gamma
chr2_-_89513402 8.70 ENST00000498435.1
immunoglobulin kappa variable 1-27
chr16_-_28550348 8.68 ENST00000324873.6
nuclear protein, transcriptional regulator, 1
chr12_-_8815215 8.64 ENST00000544889.1
microfibrillar associated protein 5
chr4_-_25865159 8.63 ENST00000502949.1
sel-1 suppressor of lin-12-like 3 (C. elegans)
chr7_+_73624327 8.61 ENST00000361082.3
linker for activation of T cells family, member 2
chr16_-_1661988 8.60 ENST00000426508.2
intraflagellar transport 140 homolog (Chlamydomonas)

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of FOXM1_TBL1XR1

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological_process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
23.9 286.4 GO:1900747 negative regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor signaling pathway(GO:1900747)
10.4 41.5 GO:0007499 ectoderm and mesoderm interaction(GO:0007499)
10.0 30.0 GO:0002894 positive regulation of type IIa hypersensitivity(GO:0001798) positive regulation of type II hypersensitivity(GO:0002894)
9.1 27.4 GO:1900159 iron assimilation(GO:0033212) iron assimilation by chelation and transport(GO:0033214) positive regulation of bone mineralization involved in bone maturation(GO:1900159) negative regulation of tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily member 11 production(GO:2000308)
8.8 61.6 GO:2000332 blood microparticle formation(GO:0072564) regulation of blood microparticle formation(GO:2000332) positive regulation of blood microparticle formation(GO:2000334)
7.6 30.2 GO:0071461 cellular response to redox state(GO:0071461)
7.2 14.4 GO:0001970 positive regulation of activation of membrane attack complex(GO:0001970)
7.1 42.4 GO:0052565 response to defense-related nitric oxide production by other organism involved in symbiotic interaction(GO:0052551) response to defense-related host nitric oxide production(GO:0052565)
6.5 19.5 GO:0031052 mesodermal-endodermal cell signaling(GO:0003131) programmed DNA elimination(GO:0031049) chromosome breakage(GO:0031052) histone H2A-S139 phosphorylation(GO:0035978) positive regulation of cellular response to X-ray(GO:2000685)
6.2 18.6 GO:0071724 toll-like receptor TLR6:TLR2 signaling pathway(GO:0038124) response to diacyl bacterial lipopeptide(GO:0071724) cellular response to diacyl bacterial lipopeptide(GO:0071726)
6.1 18.3 GO:0071140 resolution of recombination intermediates(GO:0071139) resolution of mitotic recombination intermediates(GO:0071140)
5.5 65.9 GO:0034356 NAD biosynthesis via nicotinamide riboside salvage pathway(GO:0034356)
5.4 16.2 GO:0031394 positive regulation of prostaglandin biosynthetic process(GO:0031394) positive regulation of unsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic process(GO:2001280)
5.3 15.8 GO:0015783 GDP-fucose transport(GO:0015783) purine nucleotide-sugar transport(GO:0036079)
5.1 40.7 GO:0002774 Fc receptor mediated inhibitory signaling pathway(GO:0002774)
5.1 25.4 GO:0002399 MHC class II protein complex assembly(GO:0002399)
4.9 14.7 GO:1990523 bone regeneration(GO:1990523)
4.8 24.1 GO:0044858 plasma membrane raft distribution(GO:0044855) plasma membrane raft localization(GO:0044856) plasma membrane raft polarization(GO:0044858) regulation of plasma membrane raft polarization(GO:1903906)
4.5 4.5 GO:1904327 protein localization to cytosolic proteasome complex(GO:1904327) protein localization to cytosolic proteasome complex involved in ERAD pathway(GO:1904379)
4.5 13.5 GO:0035606 peptidyl-cysteine S-trans-nitrosylation(GO:0035606)
4.2 29.5 GO:0038110 interleukin-2-mediated signaling pathway(GO:0038110)
4.1 61.6 GO:0015671 oxygen transport(GO:0015671)
4.1 28.4 GO:0019064 fusion of virus membrane with host plasma membrane(GO:0019064) membrane fusion involved in viral entry into host cell(GO:0039663) multi-organism membrane fusion(GO:0044800)
4.0 12.1 GO:0061394 regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter in response to arsenic-containing substance(GO:0061394)
4.0 20.1 GO:0001957 intramembranous ossification(GO:0001957) direct ossification(GO:0036072)
3.9 3.9 GO:0002923 regulation of humoral immune response mediated by circulating immunoglobulin(GO:0002923)
3.9 19.4 GO:0048539 bone marrow development(GO:0048539)
3.9 3.9 GO:1903973 negative regulation of macrophage colony-stimulating factor signaling pathway(GO:1902227) negative regulation of response to macrophage colony-stimulating factor(GO:1903970) negative regulation of cellular response to macrophage colony-stimulating factor stimulus(GO:1903973)
3.9 15.4 GO:0001897 cytolysis by symbiont of host cells(GO:0001897)
3.8 18.9 GO:0071279 cellular response to cobalt ion(GO:0071279)
3.8 18.8 GO:0014738 regulation of muscle hyperplasia(GO:0014738)
3.8 11.3 GO:0007181 transforming growth factor beta receptor complex assembly(GO:0007181)
3.8 7.5 GO:0002884 negative regulation of hypersensitivity(GO:0002884)
3.7 14.9 GO:0019747 regulation of isoprenoid metabolic process(GO:0019747)
3.7 14.7 GO:0048749 compound eye development(GO:0048749)
3.6 10.8 GO:0034146 toll-like receptor 5 signaling pathway(GO:0034146)
3.5 17.7 GO:0002913 positive regulation of T cell anergy(GO:0002669) positive regulation of lymphocyte anergy(GO:0002913)
3.5 10.6 GO:0033364 mast cell secretory granule organization(GO:0033364)
3.5 10.5 GO:1902530 regulation of protein linear polyubiquitination(GO:1902528) positive regulation of protein linear polyubiquitination(GO:1902530)
3.5 7.0 GO:0001812 positive regulation of type I hypersensitivity(GO:0001812)
3.5 17.4 GO:0016998 cell wall macromolecule catabolic process(GO:0016998)
3.4 10.3 GO:2000417 negative regulation of eosinophil migration(GO:2000417)
3.4 10.3 GO:0046619 optic placode formation involved in camera-type eye formation(GO:0046619)
3.4 3.4 GO:0071727 toll-like receptor TLR1:TLR2 signaling pathway(GO:0038123) response to triacyl bacterial lipopeptide(GO:0071725) cellular response to triacyl bacterial lipopeptide(GO:0071727)
3.4 20.4 GO:0050859 negative regulation of B cell receptor signaling pathway(GO:0050859)
3.3 16.6 GO:0010751 negative regulation of nitric oxide mediated signal transduction(GO:0010751)
3.3 19.6 GO:0060414 aorta smooth muscle tissue morphogenesis(GO:0060414)
3.2 31.5 GO:0043950 positive regulation of cAMP-mediated signaling(GO:0043950)
3.1 3.1 GO:0060732 positive regulation of inositol phosphate biosynthetic process(GO:0060732)
3.1 3.1 GO:0046110 xanthine metabolic process(GO:0046110)
3.1 9.4 GO:0030718 germ-line stem cell population maintenance(GO:0030718)
3.1 9.2 GO:0043012 regulation of fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane(GO:0043012)
3.1 15.4 GO:1904995 negative regulation of leukocyte tethering or rolling(GO:1903237) negative regulation of leukocyte adhesion to vascular endothelial cell(GO:1904995)
3.1 67.7 GO:0006957 complement activation, alternative pathway(GO:0006957)
3.1 3.1 GO:0018894 dibenzo-p-dioxin metabolic process(GO:0018894)
3.1 39.7 GO:0001867 complement activation, lectin pathway(GO:0001867)
3.0 15.1 GO:0019805 quinolinate biosynthetic process(GO:0019805)
3.0 3.0 GO:0008355 olfactory learning(GO:0008355)
3.0 27.0 GO:2001199 negative regulation of dendritic cell differentiation(GO:2001199)
3.0 3.0 GO:0032687 negative regulation of interferon-alpha production(GO:0032687)
3.0 29.9 GO:0002480 antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-independent(GO:0002480)
3.0 35.5 GO:0048003 antigen processing and presentation of lipid antigen via MHC class Ib(GO:0048003) antigen processing and presentation, exogenous lipid antigen via MHC class Ib(GO:0048007)
2.9 5.9 GO:0034441 plasma lipoprotein particle oxidation(GO:0034441)
2.9 2.9 GO:2001190 positive regulation of T cell activation via T cell receptor contact with antigen bound to MHC molecule on antigen presenting cell(GO:2001190)
2.9 2.9 GO:0040019 positive regulation of embryonic development(GO:0040019)
2.9 8.6 GO:0038178 complement component C5a signaling pathway(GO:0038178)
2.9 2.9 GO:0030521 androgen receptor signaling pathway(GO:0030521)
2.8 17.0 GO:0090131 mesenchyme migration(GO:0090131)
2.8 2.8 GO:2001222 regulation of neuron migration(GO:2001222)
2.8 11.2 GO:2000313 fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway involved in neural plate anterior/posterior pattern formation(GO:0060825) regulation of neural crest formation(GO:0090299) negative regulation of neural crest formation(GO:0090301) regulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway involved in neural plate anterior/posterior pattern formation(GO:2000313) negative regulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway involved in neural plate anterior/posterior pattern formation(GO:2000314)
2.8 8.4 GO:1904204 regulation of skeletal muscle hypertrophy(GO:1904204)
2.8 8.4 GO:0002581 negative regulation of antigen processing and presentation of peptide or polysaccharide antigen via MHC class II(GO:0002581)
2.8 5.5 GO:0034443 negative regulation of lipoprotein oxidation(GO:0034443)
2.7 13.7 GO:0001834 trophectodermal cell proliferation(GO:0001834) regulation of trophectodermal cell proliferation(GO:1904073) positive regulation of trophectodermal cell proliferation(GO:1904075)
2.7 13.7 GO:0046968 peptide antigen transport(GO:0046968)
2.7 10.9 GO:1902617 response to fluoride(GO:1902617)
2.7 18.9 GO:2000503 positive regulation of natural killer cell chemotaxis(GO:2000503)
2.7 13.5 GO:0001766 membrane raft polarization(GO:0001766) membrane raft distribution(GO:0031580)
2.7 2.7 GO:0044782 cilium organization(GO:0044782)
2.7 16.1 GO:0016554 cytidine to uridine editing(GO:0016554)
2.6 13.2 GO:1902023 L-arginine import(GO:0043091) arginine import(GO:0090467) L-arginine transport(GO:1902023)
2.6 23.8 GO:0002430 complement receptor mediated signaling pathway(GO:0002430)
2.6 13.1 GO:2000143 negative regulation of DNA-templated transcription, initiation(GO:2000143)
2.6 7.8 GO:0061074 regulation of neural retina development(GO:0061074) regulation of retina development in camera-type eye(GO:1902866)
2.6 7.8 GO:0060935 cardiac fibroblast cell differentiation(GO:0060935) cardiac fibroblast cell development(GO:0060936) epicardium-derived cardiac fibroblast cell differentiation(GO:0060938) epicardium-derived cardiac fibroblast cell development(GO:0060939) epithelial to mesenchymal transition involved in cardiac fibroblast development(GO:0060940)
2.6 72.1 GO:0098743 cell aggregation(GO:0098743)
2.6 15.3 GO:0051013 microtubule severing(GO:0051013)
2.6 17.9 GO:0071494 cellular response to UV-C(GO:0071494)
2.5 10.1 GO:0035790 platelet-derived growth factor receptor-alpha signaling pathway(GO:0035790)
2.5 7.6 GO:0006982 response to lipid hydroperoxide(GO:0006982)
2.5 20.0 GO:0070236 regulation of activation-induced cell death of T cells(GO:0070235) negative regulation of activation-induced cell death of T cells(GO:0070236)
2.5 7.5 GO:1904303 positive regulation of neutrophil degranulation(GO:0043315) cellular response to gravity(GO:0071258) positive regulation of neutrophil activation(GO:1902565) regulation of transcytosis(GO:1904298) positive regulation of transcytosis(GO:1904300) regulation of maternal process involved in parturition(GO:1904301) positive regulation of maternal process involved in parturition(GO:1904303) response to 2-O-acetyl-1-O-hexadecyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine(GO:1904316) cellular response to 2-O-acetyl-1-O-hexadecyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine(GO:1904317)
2.5 153.0 GO:0006910 phagocytosis, recognition(GO:0006910)
2.5 12.3 GO:0071918 urea transmembrane transport(GO:0071918)
2.4 2.4 GO:0002316 follicular B cell differentiation(GO:0002316)
2.4 19.3 GO:0001661 conditioned taste aversion(GO:0001661)
2.4 26.5 GO:0006032 chitin metabolic process(GO:0006030) chitin catabolic process(GO:0006032)
2.4 9.5 GO:0050869 negative regulation of B cell activation(GO:0050869)
2.3 4.7 GO:0090291 negative regulation of osteoclast proliferation(GO:0090291)
2.3 7.0 GO:0021538 epithalamus development(GO:0021538) habenula development(GO:0021986)
2.3 20.9 GO:2001300 lipoxin metabolic process(GO:2001300)
2.3 7.0 GO:1904328 regulation of myofibroblast contraction(GO:1904328) myofibroblast contraction(GO:1990764)
2.3 6.9 GO:0002370 natural killer cell cytokine production(GO:0002370) regulation of natural killer cell cytokine production(GO:0002727)
2.3 4.5 GO:2000501 regulation of natural killer cell chemotaxis(GO:2000501)
2.3 6.8 GO:0000821 regulation of arginine metabolic process(GO:0000821)
2.2 11.2 GO:0052199 negative regulation of catalytic activity in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction(GO:0052199)
2.2 13.4 GO:1902172 keratinocyte apoptotic process(GO:0097283) regulation of keratinocyte apoptotic process(GO:1902172)
2.2 11.1 GO:0002468 dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation(GO:0002468) regulation of dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation(GO:0002604) positive regulation of dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation(GO:0002606)
2.2 2.2 GO:0044010 biofilm formation(GO:0042710) single-species biofilm formation(GO:0044010) single-species biofilm formation in or on host organism(GO:0044407) regulation of single-species biofilm formation(GO:1900190) negative regulation of single-species biofilm formation(GO:1900191) regulation of single-species biofilm formation in or on host organism(GO:1900228) negative regulation of single-species biofilm formation in or on host organism(GO:1900229)
2.2 4.3 GO:0048611 ectodermal digestive tract development(GO:0007439) embryonic ectodermal digestive tract development(GO:0048611)
2.2 6.5 GO:0071529 cementum mineralization(GO:0071529)
2.2 6.5 GO:0009447 putrescine catabolic process(GO:0009447)
2.2 4.3 GO:2001027 negative regulation of endothelial cell chemotaxis(GO:2001027)
2.1 2.1 GO:0042986 positive regulation of amyloid precursor protein biosynthetic process(GO:0042986)
2.1 6.4 GO:0090341 negative regulation of secretion of lysosomal enzymes(GO:0090341)
2.1 8.5 GO:0015917 aminophospholipid transport(GO:0015917)
2.1 6.4 GO:0098758 response to interleukin-8(GO:0098758) cellular response to interleukin-8(GO:0098759)
2.1 23.3 GO:0050672 negative regulation of mononuclear cell proliferation(GO:0032945) negative regulation of lymphocyte proliferation(GO:0050672)
2.1 10.6 GO:0097102 vestibulocochlear nerve structural organization(GO:0021649) positive regulation of cytokine activity(GO:0060301) ganglion morphogenesis(GO:0061552) endothelial tip cell fate specification(GO:0097102) VEGF-activated neuropilin signaling pathway involved in axon guidance(GO:1902378) dorsal root ganglion morphogenesis(GO:1904835) otic placode development(GO:1905040)
2.1 8.5 GO:0045578 negative regulation of B cell differentiation(GO:0045578)
2.1 4.2 GO:0015812 gamma-aminobutyric acid transport(GO:0015812)
2.1 8.4 GO:0002925 positive regulation of humoral immune response mediated by circulating immunoglobulin(GO:0002925)
2.1 2.1 GO:0003352 regulation of cilium movement(GO:0003352) regulation of cilium beat frequency(GO:0003356)
2.1 12.5 GO:0001692 histamine metabolic process(GO:0001692)
2.1 6.2 GO:0044210 'de novo' CTP biosynthetic process(GO:0044210)
2.1 22.7 GO:0070307 lens fiber cell development(GO:0070307)
2.1 14.4 GO:0002291 T cell activation via T cell receptor contact with antigen bound to MHC molecule on antigen presenting cell(GO:0002291)
2.1 2.1 GO:0051026 chiasma assembly(GO:0051026)
2.0 6.1 GO:1901876 regulation of calcium ion binding(GO:1901876) negative regulation of calcium ion binding(GO:1901877)
2.0 6.1 GO:0019474 L-lysine catabolic process to acetyl-CoA(GO:0019474) L-lysine catabolic process(GO:0019477) L-lysine metabolic process(GO:0046440)
2.0 6.1 GO:1903413 cellular response to bile acid(GO:1903413)
2.0 4.0 GO:0021773 striatal medium spiny neuron differentiation(GO:0021773)
2.0 10.1 GO:0046061 dATP catabolic process(GO:0046061)
2.0 8.1 GO:0005986 sucrose biosynthetic process(GO:0005986)
2.0 6.0 GO:0070634 transepithelial ammonium transport(GO:0070634)
2.0 19.8 GO:0043152 induction of bacterial agglutination(GO:0043152)
2.0 7.9 GO:0006663 platelet activating factor biosynthetic process(GO:0006663)
2.0 4.0 GO:0002434 immune complex clearance(GO:0002434) immune complex clearance by monocytes and macrophages(GO:0002436) T cell extravasation(GO:0072683) regulation of immune complex clearance by monocytes and macrophages(GO:0090264)
2.0 2.0 GO:0052055 modulation by symbiont of host molecular function(GO:0052055) modulation of catalytic activity in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction(GO:0052203) modulation by host of symbiont catalytic activity(GO:0052422)
2.0 5.9 GO:0051121 hepoxilin metabolic process(GO:0051121) hepoxilin biosynthetic process(GO:0051122)
2.0 5.9 GO:0060054 positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation involved in wound healing(GO:0060054)
2.0 3.9 GO:0045900 negative regulation of translational elongation(GO:0045900)
2.0 2.0 GO:0030240 skeletal muscle thin filament assembly(GO:0030240)
2.0 27.3 GO:0042738 exogenous drug catabolic process(GO:0042738)
1.9 21.4 GO:0032364 oxygen homeostasis(GO:0032364)
1.9 17.5 GO:0031666 positive regulation of lipopolysaccharide-mediated signaling pathway(GO:0031666)
1.9 7.8 GO:0060265 positive regulation of respiratory burst involved in inflammatory response(GO:0060265)
1.9 3.9 GO:1901164 negative regulation of trophoblast cell migration(GO:1901164)
1.9 3.9 GO:0045362 regulation of interleukin-1 biosynthetic process(GO:0045360) positive regulation of interleukin-1 biosynthetic process(GO:0045362)
1.9 7.8 GO:0003366 cell-matrix adhesion involved in ameboidal cell migration(GO:0003366)
1.9 7.8 GO:0038195 urokinase plasminogen activator signaling pathway(GO:0038195)
1.9 7.8 GO:0007525 somatic muscle development(GO:0007525)
1.9 34.7 GO:0034374 low-density lipoprotein particle remodeling(GO:0034374)
1.9 7.7 GO:0035054 embryonic heart tube anterior/posterior pattern specification(GO:0035054)
1.9 5.7 GO:0002384 hepatic immune response(GO:0002384)
1.9 15.2 GO:0015705 iodide transport(GO:0015705)
1.9 11.3 GO:0019732 antifungal humoral response(GO:0019732)
1.9 3.8 GO:0016095 polyprenol catabolic process(GO:0016095)
1.9 222.3 GO:0060333 interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway(GO:0060333)
1.8 3.7 GO:0061624 fructose catabolic process(GO:0006001) fructose catabolic process to hydroxyacetone phosphate and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate(GO:0061624)
1.8 3.7 GO:0036102 leukotriene catabolic process(GO:0036100) leukotriene B4 catabolic process(GO:0036101) leukotriene B4 metabolic process(GO:0036102) icosanoid catabolic process(GO:1901523) fatty acid derivative catabolic process(GO:1901569)
1.8 9.1 GO:0070269 pyroptosis(GO:0070269)
1.8 7.3 GO:0010900 negative regulation of phosphatidylcholine catabolic process(GO:0010900)
1.8 1.8 GO:0072717 cellular response to actinomycin D(GO:0072717)
1.8 1.8 GO:0071352 cellular response to interleukin-2(GO:0071352)
1.8 144.2 GO:0006958 complement activation, classical pathway(GO:0006958)
1.8 3.6 GO:0051665 membrane raft localization(GO:0051665)
1.8 7.2 GO:1900166 glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor secretion(GO:0044467) regulation of glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor secretion(GO:1900166) positive regulation of glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor secretion(GO:1900168)
1.8 5.3 GO:0010193 response to ozone(GO:0010193)
1.8 1.8 GO:0060599 lateral sprouting involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis(GO:0060599)
1.8 5.3 GO:0019056 modulation by virus of host transcription(GO:0019056) positive regulation of sprouting of injured axon(GO:0048687) positive regulation of axon extension involved in regeneration(GO:0048691) modulation by symbiont of host transcription(GO:0052026)
1.8 3.5 GO:0060979 vasculogenesis involved in coronary vascular morphogenesis(GO:0060979)
1.8 5.3 GO:0035915 pore formation in membrane of other organism(GO:0035915)
1.8 3.5 GO:0001757 somite specification(GO:0001757)
1.8 5.3 GO:0045919 positive regulation of cytolysis(GO:0045919)
1.8 26.3 GO:0030208 dermatan sulfate biosynthetic process(GO:0030208)
1.7 3.5 GO:0055078 sodium ion homeostasis(GO:0055078)
1.7 1.7 GO:0010749 regulation of nitric oxide mediated signal transduction(GO:0010749)
1.7 1.7 GO:0031638 zymogen activation(GO:0031638)
1.7 8.6 GO:1904845 response to L-glutamine(GO:1904844) cellular response to L-glutamine(GO:1904845)
1.7 1.7 GO:0060019 radial glial cell differentiation(GO:0060019)
1.7 12.0 GO:1902035 positive regulation of hematopoietic stem cell proliferation(GO:1902035)
1.7 8.5 GO:0007197 adenylate cyclase-inhibiting G-protein coupled acetylcholine receptor signaling pathway(GO:0007197)
1.7 5.1 GO:0035378 carbon dioxide transmembrane transport(GO:0035378)
1.7 5.1 GO:0015888 thiamine transport(GO:0015888) thiamine transmembrane transport(GO:0071934)
1.7 1.7 GO:0010992 ubiquitin homeostasis(GO:0010992)
1.7 6.7 GO:0002933 lipid hydroxylation(GO:0002933)
1.7 5.0 GO:0072425 signal transduction involved in G2 DNA damage checkpoint(GO:0072425) signal transduction involved in mitotic G2 DNA damage checkpoint(GO:0072434)
1.7 6.6 GO:0032747 positive regulation of interleukin-23 production(GO:0032747)
1.7 3.3 GO:0051710 regulation of cytolysis in other organism(GO:0051710)
1.7 5.0 GO:0045643 regulation of eosinophil differentiation(GO:0045643) positive regulation of eosinophil differentiation(GO:0045645)
1.7 5.0 GO:0038043 interleukin-5-mediated signaling pathway(GO:0038043)
1.7 8.3 GO:0032119 sequestering of zinc ion(GO:0032119)
1.7 3.3 GO:0071877 regulation of adrenergic receptor signaling pathway(GO:0071877)
1.6 6.6 GO:0042483 negative regulation of odontogenesis(GO:0042483)
1.6 3.3 GO:0042737 drug catabolic process(GO:0042737)
1.6 3.3 GO:0002025 vasodilation by norepinephrine-epinephrine involved in regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure(GO:0002025)
1.6 4.9 GO:1903487 regulation of lactation(GO:1903487)
1.6 4.9 GO:0090034 regulation of chaperone-mediated protein complex assembly(GO:0090034) positive regulation of chaperone-mediated protein complex assembly(GO:0090035)
1.6 6.6 GO:0035106 operant conditioning(GO:0035106)
1.6 3.3 GO:1990253 cellular response to leucine starvation(GO:1990253)
1.6 4.9 GO:0051295 establishment of meiotic spindle localization(GO:0051295)
1.6 3.3 GO:0060018 astrocyte fate commitment(GO:0060018)
1.6 9.7 GO:0033629 negative regulation of cell adhesion mediated by integrin(GO:0033629)
1.6 6.4 GO:0045065 cytotoxic T cell differentiation(GO:0045065)
1.6 4.8 GO:2000661 positive regulation of interleukin-1-mediated signaling pathway(GO:2000661)
1.6 8.0 GO:0045629 negative regulation of T-helper 2 cell differentiation(GO:0045629)
1.6 9.6 GO:0015811 L-cystine transport(GO:0015811)
1.6 6.4 GO:0036269 swimming behavior(GO:0036269)
1.6 8.0 GO:0033625 positive regulation of integrin activation(GO:0033625)
1.6 3.2 GO:0002361 CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell differentiation(GO:0002361)
1.6 3.2 GO:1903348 positive regulation of bicellular tight junction assembly(GO:1903348)
1.6 6.3 GO:0014816 skeletal muscle satellite cell differentiation(GO:0014816)
1.6 11.0 GO:0006572 tyrosine catabolic process(GO:0006572)
1.6 4.7 GO:0003220 left ventricular cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis(GO:0003220) cell proliferation involved in heart valve morphogenesis(GO:0003249) regulation of cell proliferation involved in heart valve morphogenesis(GO:0003250)
1.6 4.7 GO:0018874 benzoate metabolic process(GO:0018874) butyrate metabolic process(GO:0019605)
1.5 3.1 GO:0003166 bundle of His development(GO:0003166)
1.5 23.1 GO:0040015 negative regulation of multicellular organism growth(GO:0040015)
1.5 9.2 GO:0045903 positive regulation of translational fidelity(GO:0045903)
1.5 6.1 GO:0050883 musculoskeletal movement, spinal reflex action(GO:0050883)
1.5 26.0 GO:0030889 negative regulation of B cell proliferation(GO:0030889)
1.5 4.6 GO:0001978 regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure by carotid sinus baroreceptor feedback(GO:0001978) baroreceptor response to increased systemic arterial blood pressure(GO:0001983)
1.5 19.8 GO:0002281 macrophage activation involved in immune response(GO:0002281)
1.5 4.5 GO:1901842 negative regulation of high voltage-gated calcium channel activity(GO:1901842)
1.5 15.0 GO:0006069 ethanol oxidation(GO:0006069)
1.5 68.7 GO:0018149 peptide cross-linking(GO:0018149)
1.5 25.2 GO:0007130 synaptonemal complex assembly(GO:0007130)
1.5 4.5 GO:0051771 negative regulation of nitric-oxide synthase biosynthetic process(GO:0051771)
1.5 1.5 GO:0045636 positive regulation of melanocyte differentiation(GO:0045636)
1.5 1.5 GO:0061029 eyelid development in camera-type eye(GO:0061029)
1.5 3.0 GO:0042100 B cell proliferation(GO:0042100)
1.5 5.9 GO:0060010 Sertoli cell fate commitment(GO:0060010)
1.5 1.5 GO:0090210 regulation of establishment of blood-brain barrier(GO:0090210) negative regulation of establishment of blood-brain barrier(GO:0090212)
1.5 4.4 GO:0015855 pyrimidine nucleobase transport(GO:0015855) purine nucleobase transmembrane transport(GO:1904823)
1.5 2.9 GO:0002314 germinal center B cell differentiation(GO:0002314)
1.5 8.8 GO:0061737 leukotriene signaling pathway(GO:0061737)
1.5 1.5 GO:0021569 rhombomere 3 development(GO:0021569)
1.5 8.8 GO:0034587 piRNA metabolic process(GO:0034587)
1.5 5.8 GO:0002215 defense response to nematode(GO:0002215)
1.5 2.9 GO:0002018 renin-angiotensin regulation of aldosterone production(GO:0002018)
1.5 2.9 GO:0045409 negative regulation of interleukin-6 biosynthetic process(GO:0045409)
1.5 7.3 GO:0003350 pulmonary myocardium development(GO:0003350)
1.4 2.9 GO:2000569 T-helper 2 cell activation(GO:0035712) regulation of T-helper 2 cell activation(GO:2000569) positive regulation of T-helper 2 cell activation(GO:2000570)
1.4 10.1 GO:0002414 immunoglobulin transcytosis in epithelial cells(GO:0002414)
1.4 13.0 GO:0010886 positive regulation of cholesterol storage(GO:0010886)
1.4 4.3 GO:0006014 D-ribose metabolic process(GO:0006014)
1.4 1.4 GO:0048535 lymph node development(GO:0048535)
1.4 5.7 GO:0051852 disruption by host of symbiont cells(GO:0051852) neutrophil mediated cytotoxicity(GO:0070942) neutrophil mediated killing of symbiont cell(GO:0070943) neutrophil mediated killing of bacterium(GO:0070944) neutrophil mediated killing of gram-negative bacterium(GO:0070945)
1.4 1.4 GO:0032661 regulation of interleukin-18 production(GO:0032661)
1.4 5.7 GO:2000435 regulation of protein neddylation(GO:2000434) negative regulation of protein neddylation(GO:2000435)
1.4 1.4 GO:2000406 positive regulation of T cell migration(GO:2000406)
1.4 7.1 GO:0000820 regulation of glutamine family amino acid metabolic process(GO:0000820)
1.4 2.8 GO:2000389 regulation of neutrophil extravasation(GO:2000389)
1.4 4.2 GO:0006421 asparaginyl-tRNA aminoacylation(GO:0006421)
1.4 5.6 GO:0061358 negative regulation of Wnt protein secretion(GO:0061358)
1.4 39.3 GO:0019731 antibacterial humoral response(GO:0019731)
1.4 5.6 GO:0019086 late viral transcription(GO:0019086)
1.4 2.8 GO:0035962 response to interleukin-13(GO:0035962)
1.4 8.3 GO:0038095 Fc-epsilon receptor signaling pathway(GO:0038095)
1.4 1.4 GO:1900086 positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine autophosphorylation(GO:1900086)
1.4 4.1 GO:0042320 regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, REM sleep(GO:0042320)
1.4 4.1 GO:1904899 regulation of hepatic stellate cell proliferation(GO:1904897) positive regulation of hepatic stellate cell proliferation(GO:1904899) hepatic stellate cell proliferation(GO:1990922)
1.4 4.1 GO:1904924 negative regulation of mitophagy in response to mitochondrial depolarization(GO:1904924)
1.4 4.1 GO:0045897 positive regulation of transcription during mitosis(GO:0045897)
1.4 12.3 GO:2000623 regulation of nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decay(GO:2000622) negative regulation of nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decay(GO:2000623)
1.4 4.1 GO:0035284 central nervous system segmentation(GO:0035283) brain segmentation(GO:0035284)
1.4 2.7 GO:0034154 toll-like receptor 7 signaling pathway(GO:0034154)
1.4 21.7 GO:0002347 response to tumor cell(GO:0002347)
1.4 1.4 GO:0036297 interstrand cross-link repair(GO:0036297)
1.4 2.7 GO:0060605 tube lumen cavitation(GO:0060605) salivary gland cavitation(GO:0060662)
1.4 4.1 GO:1990414 replication-born double-strand break repair via sister chromatid exchange(GO:1990414)
1.3 2.7 GO:1990418 response to insulin-like growth factor stimulus(GO:1990418)
1.3 1.3 GO:0010757 negative regulation of plasminogen activation(GO:0010757)
1.3 5.4 GO:0097676 histone H3-K36 dimethylation(GO:0097676)
1.3 4.0 GO:0048631 regulation of skeletal muscle tissue growth(GO:0048631)
1.3 9.3 GO:0035865 cellular response to potassium ion(GO:0035865)
1.3 1.3 GO:0016191 synaptic vesicle uncoating(GO:0016191)
1.3 6.6 GO:0035624 receptor transactivation(GO:0035624)
1.3 9.2 GO:0060294 cilium movement involved in cell motility(GO:0060294)
1.3 2.6 GO:0045349 interferon-alpha biosynthetic process(GO:0045349) regulation of interferon-alpha biosynthetic process(GO:0045354) positive regulation of interferon-alpha biosynthetic process(GO:0045356)
1.3 2.6 GO:2000439 positive regulation of monocyte extravasation(GO:2000439)
1.3 1.3 GO:0060559 positive regulation of vitamin metabolic process(GO:0046136) positive regulation of vitamin D biosynthetic process(GO:0060557) positive regulation of calcidiol 1-monooxygenase activity(GO:0060559)
1.3 2.6 GO:0034127 regulation of MyD88-independent toll-like receptor signaling pathway(GO:0034127)
1.3 7.8 GO:0046087 cytidine catabolic process(GO:0006216) cytidine deamination(GO:0009972) cytidine metabolic process(GO:0046087)
1.3 1.3 GO:0009155 purine deoxyribonucleotide catabolic process(GO:0009155)
1.3 11.6 GO:0005513 detection of calcium ion(GO:0005513)
1.3 1.3 GO:0035150 regulation of tube size(GO:0035150) regulation of blood vessel size(GO:0050880)
1.3 8.9 GO:2000660 negative regulation of interleukin-1-mediated signaling pathway(GO:2000660)
1.3 20.3 GO:1990845 adaptive thermogenesis(GO:1990845)
1.3 3.8 GO:0003331 regulation of extracellular matrix constituent secretion(GO:0003330) positive regulation of extracellular matrix constituent secretion(GO:0003331)
1.3 3.8 GO:1904933 regulation of cell proliferation in midbrain(GO:1904933)
1.3 2.5 GO:1901162 primary amino compound biosynthetic process(GO:1901162)
1.3 1.3 GO:2000564 CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell proliferation(GO:0035740) regulation of CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell proliferation(GO:2000564) positive regulation of CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell proliferation(GO:2000566)
1.3 20.1 GO:0030277 maintenance of gastrointestinal epithelium(GO:0030277)
1.3 1.3 GO:0050748 negative regulation of lipoprotein metabolic process(GO:0050748)
1.3 1.3 GO:0045348 positive regulation of MHC class II biosynthetic process(GO:0045348)
1.3 6.3 GO:0071896 protein localization to adherens junction(GO:0071896)
1.2 10.0 GO:2000467 positive regulation of glycogen (starch) synthase activity(GO:2000467)
1.2 6.2 GO:0045084 positive regulation of interleukin-12 biosynthetic process(GO:0045084)
1.2 2.5 GO:0031860 telomeric 3' overhang formation(GO:0031860)
1.2 7.4 GO:0010875 positive regulation of cholesterol efflux(GO:0010875)
1.2 4.9 GO:0032053 ciliary basal body organization(GO:0032053)
1.2 4.9 GO:0001865 NK T cell differentiation(GO:0001865)
1.2 3.7 GO:0031297 replication fork processing(GO:0031297)
1.2 2.5 GO:0033861 negative regulation of NAD(P)H oxidase activity(GO:0033861)
1.2 9.8 GO:2000271 positive regulation of fibroblast apoptotic process(GO:2000271)
1.2 17.1 GO:0071803 positive regulation of podosome assembly(GO:0071803)
1.2 1.2 GO:0061511 centriole elongation(GO:0061511)
1.2 3.6 GO:0006548 histidine catabolic process(GO:0006548) imidazole-containing compound catabolic process(GO:0052805)
1.2 1.2 GO:0051891 regulation of cardioblast differentiation(GO:0051890) positive regulation of cardioblast differentiation(GO:0051891)
1.2 12.1 GO:0042904 9-cis-retinoic acid biosynthetic process(GO:0042904) 9-cis-retinoic acid metabolic process(GO:0042905)
1.2 1.2 GO:0071476 cellular hypotonic response(GO:0071476)
1.2 7.2 GO:0000480 endonucleolytic cleavage in 5'-ETS of tricistronic rRNA transcript (SSU-rRNA, 5.8S rRNA, LSU-rRNA)(GO:0000480)
1.2 38.5 GO:0032731 positive regulation of interleukin-1 beta production(GO:0032731)
1.2 15.5 GO:0017121 phospholipid scrambling(GO:0017121)
1.2 22.7 GO:0090023 positive regulation of neutrophil chemotaxis(GO:0090023)
1.2 3.6 GO:1904706 negative regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation(GO:1904706)
1.2 1.2 GO:0030193 regulation of blood coagulation(GO:0030193) regulation of hemostasis(GO:1900046)
1.2 3.6 GO:0006438 valyl-tRNA aminoacylation(GO:0006438)
1.2 1.2 GO:0060316 positive regulation of ryanodine-sensitive calcium-release channel activity(GO:0060316)
1.2 2.4 GO:0015871 choline transport(GO:0015871)
1.2 1.2 GO:0007207 phospholipase C-activating G-protein coupled acetylcholine receptor signaling pathway(GO:0007207)
1.2 1.2 GO:0042940 D-amino acid transport(GO:0042940)
1.2 2.3 GO:0050968 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of pain(GO:0050968)
1.2 38.5 GO:0048247 lymphocyte chemotaxis(GO:0048247)
1.2 1.2 GO:0086100 endothelin receptor signaling pathway(GO:0086100)
1.2 2.3 GO:0060164 regulation of timing of neuron differentiation(GO:0060164)
1.2 12.8 GO:0097296 activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic signaling pathway(GO:0097296)
1.2 10.4 GO:0006685 sphingomyelin catabolic process(GO:0006685)
1.2 2.3 GO:0098528 skeletal muscle fiber differentiation(GO:0098528) regulation of skeletal muscle fiber differentiation(GO:1902809)
1.2 17.4 GO:0045730 respiratory burst(GO:0045730)
1.2 1.2 GO:0043117 positive regulation of vascular permeability(GO:0043117)
1.2 57.7 GO:0050911 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of smell(GO:0050911)
1.1 2.3 GO:0046967 cytosol to ER transport(GO:0046967)
1.1 25.1 GO:0048147 negative regulation of fibroblast proliferation(GO:0048147)
1.1 3.4 GO:0050902 leukocyte adhesive activation(GO:0050902)
1.1 9.1 GO:0035845 photoreceptor cell outer segment organization(GO:0035845)
1.1 14.8 GO:0097242 beta-amyloid clearance(GO:0097242)
1.1 2.3 GO:0032571 response to vitamin K(GO:0032571)
1.1 5.7 GO:0003273 cell migration involved in endocardial cushion formation(GO:0003273)
1.1 4.5 GO:0035635 entry of bacterium into host cell(GO:0035635)
1.1 62.4 GO:0050853 B cell receptor signaling pathway(GO:0050853)
1.1 5.6 GO:1902202 regulation of hepatocyte growth factor receptor signaling pathway(GO:1902202)
1.1 11.3 GO:0015939 pantothenate metabolic process(GO:0015939)
1.1 6.8 GO:1905065 positive regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation(GO:1905065)
1.1 5.6 GO:0042116 macrophage activation(GO:0042116)
1.1 2.2 GO:0061110 dense core granule biogenesis(GO:0061110) regulation of dense core granule biogenesis(GO:2000705)
1.1 2.2 GO:0021798 forebrain dorsal/ventral pattern formation(GO:0021798)
1.1 12.2 GO:0006702 androgen biosynthetic process(GO:0006702)
1.1 3.3 GO:0048241 epinephrine transport(GO:0048241)
1.1 2.2 GO:0035385 Roundabout signaling pathway(GO:0035385)
1.1 1.1 GO:0032423 regulation of mismatch repair(GO:0032423) positive regulation of mismatch repair(GO:0032425)
1.1 16.6 GO:0035855 megakaryocyte development(GO:0035855)
1.1 6.6 GO:0015842 aminergic neurotransmitter loading into synaptic vesicle(GO:0015842)
1.1 2.2 GO:0097029 mature conventional dendritic cell differentiation(GO:0097029)
1.1 3.3 GO:0010727 negative regulation of hydrogen peroxide metabolic process(GO:0010727)
1.1 5.5 GO:0021615 glossopharyngeal nerve morphogenesis(GO:0021615)
1.1 3.3 GO:0070837 dehydroascorbic acid transport(GO:0070837)
1.1 5.4 GO:2000301 negative regulation of synaptic vesicle exocytosis(GO:2000301)
1.1 3.2 GO:0070424 regulation of nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing signaling pathway(GO:0070424)
1.1 3.2 GO:0060167 regulation of adenosine receptor signaling pathway(GO:0060167) positive regulation of adenosine receptor signaling pathway(GO:0060168)
1.1 8.6 GO:1900017 positive regulation of cytokine production involved in inflammatory response(GO:1900017)
1.1 4.3 GO:0021938 ventral midline development(GO:0007418) smoothened signaling pathway involved in regulation of cerebellar granule cell precursor cell proliferation(GO:0021938)
1.1 2.1 GO:0070278 extracellular matrix constituent secretion(GO:0070278)
1.1 4.3 GO:1900736 regulation of phospholipase C-activating G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway(GO:1900736)
1.1 3.2 GO:0002479 antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-dependent(GO:0002479)
1.1 3.2 GO:0030241 skeletal muscle myosin thick filament assembly(GO:0030241)
1.1 1.1 GO:2000381 negative regulation of mesoderm development(GO:2000381)
1.1 3.2 GO:0097359 UDP-glucosylation(GO:0097359)
1.1 2.1 GO:0001954 positive regulation of cell-matrix adhesion(GO:0001954)
1.1 1.1 GO:2001279 regulation of prostaglandin biosynthetic process(GO:0031392) regulation of unsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic process(GO:2001279)
1.1 18.1 GO:0045063 T-helper 1 cell differentiation(GO:0045063)
1.1 2.1 GO:0042574 retinal metabolic process(GO:0042574)
1.1 5.3 GO:0016240 autophagosome docking(GO:0016240)
1.1 3.2 GO:0002154 thyroid hormone mediated signaling pathway(GO:0002154) regulation of thyroid hormone mediated signaling pathway(GO:0002155)
1.1 6.4 GO:0060282 positive regulation of oocyte development(GO:0060282)
1.1 1.1 GO:0031548 regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor receptor signaling pathway(GO:0031548)
1.1 20.1 GO:0072538 T-helper 17 type immune response(GO:0072538)
1.1 25.4 GO:0050829 defense response to Gram-negative bacterium(GO:0050829)
1.1 2.1 GO:0045905 translational frameshifting(GO:0006452) positive regulation of translational termination(GO:0045905)
1.1 3.2 GO:0070842 aggresome assembly(GO:0070842)
1.1 5.3 GO:1904262 negative regulation of TORC1 signaling(GO:1904262)
1.1 2.1 GO:2000042 negative regulation of double-strand break repair via homologous recombination(GO:2000042)
1.0 4.2 GO:2001295 malonyl-CoA biosynthetic process(GO:2001295)
1.0 3.1 GO:0061056 sclerotome development(GO:0061056)
1.0 1.0 GO:0021895 cerebral cortex neuron differentiation(GO:0021895)
1.0 3.1 GO:0006679 glucosylceramide biosynthetic process(GO:0006679)
1.0 1.0 GO:0045815 positive regulation of gene expression, epigenetic(GO:0045815)
1.0 5.2 GO:0060665 regulation of branching involved in salivary gland morphogenesis by mesenchymal-epithelial signaling(GO:0060665)
1.0 4.1 GO:1902231 positive regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to DNA damage(GO:1902231)
1.0 6.2 GO:0002483 antigen processing and presentation of endogenous peptide antigen(GO:0002483) antigen processing and presentation of endogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I(GO:0019885)
1.0 3.1 GO:0002625 regulation of T cell antigen processing and presentation(GO:0002625)
1.0 2.0 GO:0044793 negative regulation by host of viral process(GO:0044793)
1.0 3.1 GO:1900224 positive regulation of nodal signaling pathway involved in determination of lateral mesoderm left/right asymmetry(GO:1900224)
1.0 2.0 GO:0045591 positive regulation of regulatory T cell differentiation(GO:0045591)
1.0 4.1 GO:0072180 mesonephric duct morphogenesis(GO:0072180)
1.0 6.1 GO:2000546 positive regulation of cell chemotaxis to fibroblast growth factor(GO:1904849) positive regulation of endothelial cell chemotaxis to fibroblast growth factor(GO:2000546)
1.0 3.1 GO:0006857 oligopeptide transport(GO:0006857)
1.0 7.1 GO:0031086 nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, deadenylation-independent decay(GO:0031086) deadenylation-independent decapping of nuclear-transcribed mRNA(GO:0031087)
1.0 34.1 GO:0033198 response to ATP(GO:0033198)
1.0 1.0 GO:0051459 regulation of corticotropin secretion(GO:0051459)
1.0 3.0 GO:0042756 drinking behavior(GO:0042756)
1.0 4.0 GO:0042632 cholesterol homeostasis(GO:0042632) sterol homeostasis(GO:0055092)
1.0 4.0 GO:0000350 generation of catalytic spliceosome for second transesterification step(GO:0000350)
1.0 2.0 GO:0097205 glomerular filtration(GO:0003094) renal filtration(GO:0097205)
1.0 3.0 GO:0060287 epithelial cilium movement involved in determination of left/right asymmetry(GO:0060287)
1.0 2.0 GO:0010693 negative regulation of alkaline phosphatase activity(GO:0010693)
1.0 5.0 GO:0051918 negative regulation of fibrinolysis(GO:0051918)
1.0 2.0 GO:0097325 melanocyte proliferation(GO:0097325)
1.0 5.9 GO:0018095 protein polyglutamylation(GO:0018095)
1.0 7.9 GO:0006477 protein sulfation(GO:0006477)
1.0 2.0 GO:0060748 tertiary branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis(GO:0060748)
1.0 1.0 GO:0035455 response to interferon-alpha(GO:0035455)
1.0 3.9 GO:0071313 cellular response to caffeine(GO:0071313)
1.0 2.0 GO:0032237 activation of store-operated calcium channel activity(GO:0032237) positive regulation of store-operated calcium channel activity(GO:1901341)
1.0 7.9 GO:0003406 retinal pigment epithelium development(GO:0003406)
1.0 132.5 GO:0002377 immunoglobulin production(GO:0002377)
1.0 3.9 GO:0006542 glutamine biosynthetic process(GO:0006542)
1.0 2.0 GO:0044458 motile cilium assembly(GO:0044458)
1.0 6.8 GO:1903265 positive regulation of tumor necrosis factor-mediated signaling pathway(GO:1903265)
1.0 1.0 GO:0036015 response to interleukin-3(GO:0036015) cellular response to interleukin-3(GO:0036016)
1.0 11.6 GO:0036158 outer dynein arm assembly(GO:0036158)
1.0 18.4 GO:0042572 retinol metabolic process(GO:0042572)
1.0 5.8 GO:2000304 positive regulation of sphingolipid biosynthetic process(GO:0090154) positive regulation of ceramide biosynthetic process(GO:2000304)
1.0 5.8 GO:0046851 negative regulation of bone remodeling(GO:0046851)
1.0 1.0 GO:0072716 response to actinomycin D(GO:0072716)
1.0 2.9 GO:1990168 protein K33-linked deubiquitination(GO:1990168)
1.0 5.8 GO:0043201 response to leucine(GO:0043201)
1.0 2.9 GO:0042149 cellular response to glucose starvation(GO:0042149)
1.0 8.6 GO:0007320 insemination(GO:0007320)
1.0 3.8 GO:0050928 negative regulation of positive chemotaxis(GO:0050928)
1.0 4.8 GO:0007498 mesoderm development(GO:0007498)
1.0 3.8 GO:0071492 cellular response to UV-A(GO:0071492)
0.9 2.8 GO:0001539 cilium or flagellum-dependent cell motility(GO:0001539)
0.9 12.3 GO:1902083 negative regulation of peptidyl-cysteine S-nitrosylation(GO:1902083)
0.9 1.9 GO:0034472 snRNA 3'-end processing(GO:0034472)
0.9 2.8 GO:0048319 apical constriction(GO:0003383) mesoderm migration involved in gastrulation(GO:0007509) mesodermal cell migration(GO:0008078) axial mesoderm morphogenesis(GO:0048319)
0.9 3.8 GO:0042539 hypotonic salinity response(GO:0042539) cellular hypotonic salinity response(GO:0071477)
0.9 0.9 GO:0010986 positive regulation of lipoprotein particle clearance(GO:0010986)
0.9 2.8 GO:0000018 regulation of DNA recombination(GO:0000018)
0.9 1.9 GO:0021937 cerebellar Purkinje cell-granule cell precursor cell signaling involved in regulation of granule cell precursor cell proliferation(GO:0021937)
0.9 7.4 GO:0070995 NADPH oxidation(GO:0070995)
0.9 7.4 GO:0036066 protein O-linked fucosylation(GO:0036066)
0.9 12.9 GO:0042730 fibrinolysis(GO:0042730)
0.9 2.8 GO:1901741 regulation of myoblast fusion(GO:1901739) positive regulation of myoblast fusion(GO:1901741)
0.9 7.4 GO:0007598 blood coagulation, extrinsic pathway(GO:0007598)
0.9 0.9 GO:0070314 G1 to G0 transition(GO:0070314)
0.9 11.9 GO:0033617 mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV assembly(GO:0033617) mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV biogenesis(GO:0097034)
0.9 1.8 GO:0060591 chondroblast differentiation(GO:0060591)
0.9 1.8 GO:0009635 response to herbicide(GO:0009635)
0.9 5.5 GO:0019532 oxalate transport(GO:0019532)
0.9 2.7 GO:0031587 positive regulation of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive calcium-release channel activity(GO:0031587)
0.9 15.4 GO:0042359 vitamin D metabolic process(GO:0042359)
0.9 4.5 GO:0060484 lung-associated mesenchyme development(GO:0060484)
0.9 0.9 GO:0060326 cell chemotaxis(GO:0060326)
0.9 1.8 GO:0010758 regulation of macrophage chemotaxis(GO:0010758)
0.9 2.7 GO:1900075 regulation of neuromuscular synaptic transmission(GO:1900073) positive regulation of neuromuscular synaptic transmission(GO:1900075)
0.9 0.9 GO:0002730 regulation of dendritic cell cytokine production(GO:0002730) negative regulation of dendritic cell cytokine production(GO:0002731)
0.9 7.2 GO:0015747 urate transport(GO:0015747)
0.9 4.5 GO:0060088 auditory receptor cell stereocilium organization(GO:0060088)
0.9 0.9 GO:0015942 formate metabolic process(GO:0015942)
0.9 1.8 GO:0048867 stem cell fate determination(GO:0048867)
0.9 3.6 GO:0070257 positive regulation of mucus secretion(GO:0070257)
0.9 2.7 GO:0048213 Golgi vesicle prefusion complex stabilization(GO:0048213)
0.9 9.7 GO:0030321 transepithelial chloride transport(GO:0030321)
0.9 0.9 GO:0035905 ascending aorta development(GO:0035905) ascending aorta morphogenesis(GO:0035910)
0.9 0.9 GO:0009753 response to jasmonic acid(GO:0009753) cellular response to jasmonic acid stimulus(GO:0071395)
0.9 1.8 GO:0072348 sulfur compound transport(GO:0072348)
0.9 7.9 GO:0007597 blood coagulation, intrinsic pathway(GO:0007597)
0.9 1.8 GO:0010165 response to X-ray(GO:0010165)
0.9 7.9 GO:0086024 adrenergic receptor signaling pathway involved in positive regulation of heart rate(GO:0086024)
0.9 1.8 GO:0042423 catechol-containing compound biosynthetic process(GO:0009713) catecholamine biosynthetic process(GO:0042423)
0.9 1.8 GO:1900116 extracellular regulation of signal transduction(GO:1900115) extracellular negative regulation of signal transduction(GO:1900116)
0.9 4.4 GO:0006651 diacylglycerol biosynthetic process(GO:0006651)
0.9 2.6 GO:0061055 myotome development(GO:0061055)
0.9 0.9 GO:1900109 regulation of histone H3-K9 dimethylation(GO:1900109)
0.9 2.6 GO:0014707 branchiomeric skeletal muscle development(GO:0014707)
0.9 0.9 GO:0048859 formation of anatomical boundary(GO:0048859)
0.9 1.7 GO:0050908 detection of light stimulus involved in visual perception(GO:0050908) detection of light stimulus involved in sensory perception(GO:0050962)
0.9 2.6 GO:0048852 hypophysis morphogenesis(GO:0048850) diencephalon morphogenesis(GO:0048852)
0.9 4.3 GO:1904153 negative regulation of protein exit from endoplasmic reticulum(GO:0070862) negative regulation of retrograde protein transport, ER to cytosol(GO:1904153)
0.9 4.3 GO:0033227 dsRNA transport(GO:0033227)
0.9 0.9 GO:0010700 negative regulation of norepinephrine secretion(GO:0010700)
0.9 2.6 GO:0032025 response to cobalt ion(GO:0032025)
0.9 2.6 GO:0097688 AMPA glutamate receptor clustering(GO:0097113) glutamate receptor clustering(GO:0097688)
0.9 2.6 GO:0002645 positive regulation of tolerance induction(GO:0002645)
0.9 3.5 GO:0032929 negative regulation of superoxide anion generation(GO:0032929)
0.9 1.7 GO:0002071 glandular epithelial cell maturation(GO:0002071) type B pancreatic cell maturation(GO:0072560)
0.9 6.0 GO:0002158 osteoclast proliferation(GO:0002158)
0.9 18.9 GO:0097067 cellular response to thyroid hormone stimulus(GO:0097067)
0.9 0.9 GO:0090286 cytoskeletal anchoring at nuclear membrane(GO:0090286)
0.9 3.4 GO:0032782 bile acid secretion(GO:0032782)
0.9 0.9 GO:0031064 negative regulation of histone deacetylation(GO:0031064)
0.9 1.7 GO:2001034 positive regulation of double-strand break repair via nonhomologous end joining(GO:2001034)
0.8 1.7 GO:0072366 positive regulation of gluconeogenesis by positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter(GO:0035948) regulation of cellular ketone metabolic process by positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter(GO:0072366)