GNF SymAtlas + NCI-60 cancer cell lines, comparison of cancers vs non-cancers, human (Su, 2004; Ross, 2000)


Results for GRHL1

Z-value: 0.52

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Transcription factors associated with GRHL1

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSG00000134317.13 grainyhead like transcription factor 1

Activity profile of GRHL1 motif

Sorted Z-values of GRHL1 motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr9_+_71736177 9.67 ENST00000606364.1
tight junction protein 2
chr19_-_291133 8.65 ENST00000327790.3
phosphatidic acid phosphatase type 2C
chr2_-_209118974 8.06 ENST00000415913.1
isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (NADP+), soluble
chr2_-_85641162 7.06 ENST00000447219.2
capping protein (actin filament), gelsolin-like
chr5_+_125758865 5.84 ENST00000542322.1
GRAM domain containing 3
chr6_-_43027105 5.78 ENST00000230413.5
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L2
chr5_+_125758813 5.72 ENST00000285689.3
GRAM domain containing 3
chr1_+_44440575 5.22 ENST00000532642.1
ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 21kDa, V0 subunit b
chr19_-_17356697 5.14 ENST00000291442.3
nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 6
chr20_-_54967187 5.05 ENST00000422322.1
aurora kinase A
chr13_+_48807334 4.75 ENST00000378549.5
integral membrane protein 2B
chr19_-_14945933 4.29 ENST00000322301.3
olfactory receptor, family 7, subfamily A, member 5
chr3_-_49142178 4.26 ENST00000452739.1
glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase
chrX_-_119603138 4.12 ENST00000200639.4
lysosomal-associated membrane protein 2
chr1_-_51425902 3.80 ENST00000396153.2
Fas (TNFRSF6) associated factor 1
chr1_+_40723779 3.67 ENST00000372759.3
zinc metallopeptidase STE24
chr7_-_138794081 3.59 ENST00000464606.1
zinc finger CCCH-type, antiviral 1
chr3_-_49142504 3.57 ENST00000306125.6
glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase
chr14_-_23540826 3.57 ENST00000357481.2
apoptotic chromatin condensation inducer 1
chr4_-_99850243 3.35 ENST00000280892.6
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E
chr1_-_201368707 3.28 ENST00000391967.2
ladinin 1
chr14_-_23540747 3.23 ENST00000555566.1
apoptotic chromatin condensation inducer 1
chr7_-_102184083 3.14 ENST00000379357.5
polymerase (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide J3
chr13_+_48807288 3.13 ENST00000378565.5
integral membrane protein 2B
chr19_+_19496624 3.10 ENST00000494516.2
GATA zinc finger domain containing 2A
chr4_-_129209944 3.01 ENST00000520121.1
progesterone receptor membrane component 2
chr1_-_201368653 2.98 ENST00000367313.3
ladinin 1
chr1_-_51425772 2.80 ENST00000371778.4
Fas (TNFRSF6) associated factor 1
chr7_-_102283238 2.67 ENST00000340457.8
uroplakin 3B-like
chr3_-_172241250 2.49 ENST00000420541.2
tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily, member 10
chr19_+_45312347 2.42 ENST00000270233.6
basal cell adhesion molecule (Lutheran blood group)
chr18_+_9475001 2.18 ENST00000019317.4
ralA binding protein 1
chr1_+_155023757 2.06 ENST00000356955.2
ADAM metallopeptidase domain 15
chr1_+_35247859 2.06 ENST00000373362.3
gap junction protein, beta 3, 31kDa
chrX_+_146993449 1.91 ENST00000218200.8
fragile X mental retardation 1
chr4_+_110736659 1.91 ENST00000394631.3
GAR1 ribonucleoprotein
chr15_+_49170083 1.47 ENST00000530028.2
EP300 interacting inhibitor of differentiation 1
chr1_-_24469602 1.23 ENST00000270800.1
interleukin 22 receptor, alpha 1
chr1_+_206643806 1.08 ENST00000537984.1
inhibitor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells, kinase epsilon
chr12_-_10959892 1.05 ENST00000240615.2
taste receptor, type 2, member 8
chr7_+_76139741 0.94 ENST00000334348.3
uroplakin 3B
chr12_+_123874589 0.94 ENST00000437502.1
SET domain containing (lysine methyltransferase) 8
chr20_-_18038521 0.73 ENST00000278780.6
ovo-like zinc finger 2
chr16_+_2564254 0.48 ENST00000565223.1
ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 16kDa, V0 subunit c
chr7_+_76139833 0.47 ENST00000257632.5
uroplakin 3B
chr7_+_76139925 0.46 ENST00000394849.1
uroplakin 3B
chr11_-_67442196 0.18 ENST00000525827.1
aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member B2
chr1_+_206643787 0.08 ENST00000367120.3
inhibitor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells, kinase epsilon
chr8_+_27950619 0.05 ENST00000542181.1
elongator acetyltransferase complex subunit 3
chr11_-_14992712 0.05 ENST00000486207.1
calcitonin-related polypeptide alpha

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of GRHL1

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological_process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
2.7 8.1 GO:0006097 glyoxylate cycle(GO:0006097)
2.6 7.8 GO:0006425 glutaminyl-tRNA aminoacylation(GO:0006425)
1.7 5.0 GO:1900195 spindle assembly involved in female meiosis I(GO:0007057) positive regulation of oocyte maturation(GO:1900195)
1.2 3.7 GO:0030327 prenylated protein catabolic process(GO:0030327)
1.0 7.9 GO:0042985 negative regulation of amyloid precursor protein biosynthetic process(GO:0042985)
1.0 9.7 GO:0071847 TNFSF11-mediated signaling pathway(GO:0071847)
0.7 6.8 GO:0030263 apoptotic chromosome condensation(GO:0030263)
0.6 3.6 GO:0070212 protein poly-ADP-ribosylation(GO:0070212)
0.4 6.6 GO:0007253 cytoplasmic sequestering of NF-kappaB(GO:0007253)
0.4 1.9 GO:2000301 regulation of intracellular transport of viral material(GO:1901252) negative regulation of synaptic vesicle exocytosis(GO:2000301)
0.3 4.1 GO:1905146 protein targeting to lysosome involved in chaperone-mediated autophagy(GO:0061740) lysosomal protein catabolic process(GO:1905146)
0.3 7.1 GO:0071803 positive regulation of podosome assembly(GO:0071803)
0.3 1.9 GO:0031118 rRNA pseudouridine synthesis(GO:0031118)
0.2 5.2 GO:0050961 detection of temperature stimulus involved in sensory perception(GO:0050961) detection of temperature stimulus involved in sensory perception of pain(GO:0050965)
0.2 5.7 GO:0007035 vacuolar acidification(GO:0007035)
0.1 0.7 GO:0060214 endocardium formation(GO:0060214)
0.1 2.1 GO:1900121 negative regulation of receptor binding(GO:1900121)
0.1 2.5 GO:0097296 activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic signaling pathway(GO:0097296)
0.1 4.3 GO:0050911 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of smell(GO:0050911)
0.1 5.8 GO:0070125 mitochondrial translational elongation(GO:0070125) mitochondrial translational termination(GO:0070126)
0.1 3.4 GO:0071549 cellular response to dexamethasone stimulus(GO:0071549)
0.1 1.2 GO:0007252 I-kappaB phosphorylation(GO:0007252)
0.0 3.1 GO:0006306 DNA alkylation(GO:0006305) DNA methylation(GO:0006306)
0.0 1.1 GO:0001580 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of bitter taste(GO:0001580)
0.0 2.1 GO:0071300 cellular response to retinoic acid(GO:0071300)
0.0 1.5 GO:0035065 regulation of histone acetylation(GO:0035065)
0.0 1.2 GO:0050829 defense response to Gram-negative bacterium(GO:0050829)
0.0 3.0 GO:0043401 steroid hormone mediated signaling pathway(GO:0043401)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular_component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
1.0 4.1 GO:0031166 integral component of vacuolar membrane(GO:0031166)
0.8 6.8 GO:0061574 ASAP complex(GO:0061574)
0.6 1.9 GO:0019034 viral replication complex(GO:0019034)
0.6 5.7 GO:0000220 vacuolar proton-transporting V-type ATPase, V0 domain(GO:0000220)
0.6 5.0 GO:0032133 chromosome passenger complex(GO:0032133)
0.5 6.6 GO:0034098 VCP-NPL4-UFD1 AAA ATPase complex(GO:0034098)
0.5 7.1 GO:0008290 F-actin capping protein complex(GO:0008290) Flemming body(GO:0090543)
0.4 7.8 GO:0017101 aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase multienzyme complex(GO:0017101)
0.3 1.9 GO:0072589 box H/ACA snoRNP complex(GO:0031429) box H/ACA RNP complex(GO:0072588) box H/ACA scaRNP complex(GO:0072589) box H/ACA telomerase RNP complex(GO:0090661)
0.3 3.4 GO:0033391 chromatoid body(GO:0033391)
0.2 7.9 GO:0030660 Golgi-associated vesicle membrane(GO:0030660)
0.1 5.8 GO:0000315 organellar large ribosomal subunit(GO:0000315) mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit(GO:0005762)
0.1 8.1 GO:0031907 peroxisomal matrix(GO:0005782) microbody lumen(GO:0031907)
0.1 2.1 GO:0005922 connexon complex(GO:0005922)
0.1 3.1 GO:0005665 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, core complex(GO:0005665)
0.1 3.1 GO:0016581 NuRD complex(GO:0016581) CHD-type complex(GO:0090545)
0.1 9.7 GO:0005923 bicellular tight junction(GO:0005923)
0.1 6.3 GO:0005604 basement membrane(GO:0005604)
0.0 3.7 GO:0005637 nuclear inner membrane(GO:0005637)
0.0 2.1 GO:0001669 acrosomal vesicle(GO:0001669)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular_function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
2.7 8.1 GO:0004450 isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP+) activity(GO:0004450)
2.6 7.8 GO:0004819 glutamine-tRNA ligase activity(GO:0004819)
0.6 5.0 GO:0035174 histone serine kinase activity(GO:0035174)
0.4 3.4 GO:0000340 RNA 7-methylguanosine cap binding(GO:0000340)
0.4 1.2 GO:0042015 interleukin-20 binding(GO:0042015)
0.4 1.2 GO:0036435 K48-linked polyubiquitin binding(GO:0036435)
0.4 1.9 GO:0034046 poly(G) binding(GO:0034046)
0.3 5.1 GO:0004887 thyroid hormone receptor activity(GO:0004887)
0.3 1.9 GO:0034513 box H/ACA snoRNA binding(GO:0034513)
0.3 9.7 GO:0004385 guanylate kinase activity(GO:0004385)
0.2 5.7 GO:0046961 proton-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism(GO:0046961)
0.2 6.6 GO:0051059 NF-kappaB binding(GO:0051059)
0.1 3.6 GO:0070403 NAD+ binding(GO:0070403)
0.1 3.1 GO:0001055 RNA polymerase II activity(GO:0001055)
0.1 2.1 GO:0005243 gap junction channel activity(GO:0005243)
0.1 2.2 GO:0017160 Ral GTPase binding(GO:0017160)
0.1 1.1 GO:0033038 bitter taste receptor activity(GO:0033038)
0.1 7.9 GO:0001540 beta-amyloid binding(GO:0001540)
0.1 4.3 GO:0004984 olfactory receptor activity(GO:0004984)
0.1 2.4 GO:0043236 laminin binding(GO:0043236)
0.1 2.5 GO:0005164 tumor necrosis factor receptor binding(GO:0005164)
0.1 3.7 GO:0008235 metalloexopeptidase activity(GO:0008235)
0.0 1.5 GO:0035035 histone acetyltransferase binding(GO:0035035)
0.0 7.1 GO:0051015 actin filament binding(GO:0051015)
0.0 3.0 GO:0003707 steroid hormone receptor activity(GO:0003707)
0.0 5.8 GO:0003735 structural constituent of ribosome(GO:0003735)
0.0 2.1 GO:0004222 metalloendopeptidase activity(GO:0004222)
0.0 6.3 GO:0045296 cadherin binding(GO:0045296)
0.0 3.1 GO:0030674 protein binding, bridging(GO:0030674)
0.0 0.0 GO:0031716 calcitonin receptor binding(GO:0031716)
0.0 5.2 GO:0016887 ATPase activity(GO:0016887)
0.0 0.1 GO:0010484 H3 histone acetyltransferase activity(GO:0010484)

Gene overrepresentation in C2:CP category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 8.8 ST FAS SIGNALING PATHWAY Fas Signaling Pathway
0.1 2.5 PID TRAIL PATHWAY TRAIL signaling pathway
0.1 5.0 PID AURORA A PATHWAY Aurora A signaling
0.1 9.7 PID MYC REPRESS PATHWAY Validated targets of C-MYC transcriptional repression
0.1 2.1 PID INTEGRIN A9B1 PATHWAY Alpha9 beta1 integrin signaling events
0.0 3.1 PID HDAC CLASSI PATHWAY Signaling events mediated by HDAC Class I
0.0 0.9 PID P53 REGULATION PATHWAY p53 pathway

Gene overrepresentation in C2:CP:REACTOME category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.5 9.7 REACTOME APOPTOTIC CLEAVAGE OF CELL ADHESION PROTEINS Genes involved in Apoptotic cleavage of cell adhesion proteins
0.4 7.8 REACTOME MITOCHONDRIAL TRNA AMINOACYLATION Genes involved in Mitochondrial tRNA aminoacylation
0.3 8.7 REACTOME SPHINGOLIPID DE NOVO BIOSYNTHESIS Genes involved in Sphingolipid de novo biosynthesis
0.2 8.1 REACTOME PEROXISOMAL LIPID METABOLISM Genes involved in Peroxisomal lipid metabolism
0.2 5.7 REACTOME INSULIN RECEPTOR RECYCLING Genes involved in Insulin receptor recycling
0.2 3.4 REACTOME MTORC1 MEDIATED SIGNALLING Genes involved in mTORC1-mediated signalling
0.1 2.1 REACTOME GAP JUNCTION ASSEMBLY Genes involved in Gap junction assembly
0.1 6.8 REACTOME APOPTOTIC CLEAVAGE OF CELLULAR PROTEINS Genes involved in Apoptotic cleavage of cellular proteins
0.1 2.5 REACTOME EXTRINSIC PATHWAY FOR APOPTOSIS Genes involved in Extrinsic Pathway for Apoptosis
0.1 7.9 REACTOME AMYLOIDS Genes involved in Amyloids
0.1 4.3 REACTOME OLFACTORY SIGNALING PATHWAY Genes involved in Olfactory Signaling Pathway
0.1 1.2 REACTOME TRAF3 DEPENDENT IRF ACTIVATION PATHWAY Genes involved in TRAF3-dependent IRF activation pathway
0.1 5.1 REACTOME NUCLEAR RECEPTOR TRANSCRIPTION PATHWAY Genes involved in Nuclear Receptor transcription pathway
0.0 5.0 REACTOME APC C CDH1 MEDIATED DEGRADATION OF CDC20 AND OTHER APC C CDH1 TARGETED PROTEINS IN LATE MITOSIS EARLY G1 Genes involved in APC/C:Cdh1 mediated degradation of Cdc20 and other APC/C:Cdh1 targeted proteins in late mitosis/early G1
0.0 3.4 REACTOME RESPONSE TO ELEVATED PLATELET CYTOSOLIC CA2 Genes involved in Response to elevated platelet cytosolic Ca2+
0.0 2.2 REACTOME SIGNALING BY RHO GTPASES Genes involved in Signaling by Rho GTPases