GNF SymAtlas + NCI-60 cancer cell lines, comparison of cancers vs non-cancers, human (Su, 2004; Ross, 2000)


Results for GZF1

Z-value: 0.47

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Transcription factors associated with GZF1

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSG00000125812.11 GDNF inducible zinc finger protein 1

Activity profile of GZF1 motif

Sorted Z-values of GZF1 motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr1_+_26606608 14.42 ENST00000319041.6
SH3 domain binding glutamic acid-rich protein like 3
chr5_+_170814803 11.23 ENST00000521672.1
nucleophosmin (nucleolar phosphoprotein B23, numatrin)
chr2_-_150444300 10.06 ENST00000303319.5
methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblD type, with homocystinuria
chr2_-_150444116 9.16 ENST00000428879.1
methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblD type, with homocystinuria
chr12_-_76478386 8.25 ENST00000535020.2
nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 1
chr12_-_76478417 7.16 ENST00000552342.1
nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 1
chr1_+_32757668 6.05 ENST00000373548.3
histone deacetylase 1
chr3_-_79816965 5.52 ENST00000464233.1
roundabout, axon guidance receptor, homolog 1 (Drosophila)
chr22_-_43355858 5.30 ENST00000402229.1
protein kinase C and casein kinase substrate in neurons 2
chr12_-_76478446 5.19 ENST00000393263.3
nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 1
chr3_+_30647994 5.11 ENST00000295754.5
transforming growth factor, beta receptor II (70/80kDa)
chr12_-_102513843 4.80 ENST00000551744.2
nucleoporin 37kDa
chr14_-_21979428 4.65 ENST00000538267.1
methyltransferase like 3
chr3_+_30648066 4.59 ENST00000359013.4
transforming growth factor, beta receptor II (70/80kDa)
chr19_-_14628645 4.26 ENST00000598235.1
DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 1
chr1_+_79115503 4.20 ENST00000370747.4
interferon-induced protein 44
chr1_-_32801825 3.60 ENST00000329421.7
MARCKS-like 1
chr1_-_226374373 3.42 ENST00000366812.5
acyl-CoA binding domain containing 3
chr9_+_96338647 3.16 ENST00000359246.4
PHD finger protein 2
chrX_+_54835493 2.91 ENST00000396224.1
melanoma antigen family D, 2
chr9_+_96338860 2.61 ENST00000375376.4
PHD finger protein 2
chr16_+_67876180 2.58 ENST00000303596.1
THAP domain containing 11
chr9_+_131133598 2.34 ENST00000372853.4
ubiquitin related modifier 1
chr1_+_9711781 2.29 ENST00000536656.1
phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase, catalytic subunit delta
chr20_+_42086525 2.23 ENST00000244020.3
serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 6
chr10_+_89264625 2.12 ENST00000371996.4
multiple inositol-polyphosphate phosphatase 1
chr5_+_92919043 1.87 ENST00000327111.3
nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 1
chr10_+_60028818 1.84 ENST00000333926.5
CDGSH iron sulfur domain 1
chr19_-_59084647 1.72 ENST00000594234.1
myeloid zinc finger 1
chr1_+_41174988 1.72 ENST00000372652.1
nuclear transcription factor Y, gamma
chr17_-_29648761 1.68 ENST00000247270.3
ecotropic viral integration site 2A
chr10_-_126849588 1.67 ENST00000411419.2
C-terminal binding protein 2
chr19_-_59084922 1.48 ENST00000215057.2
myeloid zinc finger 1
chr7_-_26904317 1.43 ENST00000345317.2
src kinase associated phosphoprotein 2
chr13_+_98086445 1.43 ENST00000245304.4
RAP2A, member of RAS oncogene family
chrX_+_102883620 1.41 ENST00000372626.3
transcription elongation factor A (SII)-like 1
chr18_-_53303123 1.37 ENST00000569357.1
transcription factor 4
chr3_+_51705222 1.22 ENST00000457573.1
testis expressed 264
chr19_-_3786253 0.85 ENST00000585778.1
megakaryocyte-associated tyrosine kinase
chr10_-_126849068 0.63 ENST00000494626.2
C-terminal binding protein 2
chr3_-_114035026 0.54 ENST00000570269.1
chr19_-_3786354 0.49 ENST00000395040.2
megakaryocyte-associated tyrosine kinase
chr14_-_92413353 0.45 ENST00000556154.1
fibulin 5
chr1_-_42384343 0.39 ENST00000372584.1
human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 3
chr8_+_23430157 0.26 ENST00000399967.3

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of GZF1

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological_process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
3.2 9.7 GO:0002661 B cell tolerance induction(GO:0002514) regulation of B cell tolerance induction(GO:0002661) positive regulation of B cell tolerance induction(GO:0002663)
1.9 5.8 GO:0061188 negative regulation of chromatin silencing at rDNA(GO:0061188)
1.8 5.5 GO:0021836 cerebral cortex tangential migration using cell-cell interactions(GO:0021823) postnatal olfactory bulb interneuron migration(GO:0021827) chemorepulsion involved in postnatal olfactory bulb interneuron migration(GO:0021836) regulation of negative chemotaxis(GO:0050923)
1.4 11.2 GO:0060699 regulation of endoribonuclease activity(GO:0060699)
1.2 6.0 GO:0061198 fungiform papilla formation(GO:0061198)
1.2 4.6 GO:0006382 adenosine to inosine editing(GO:0006382)
0.8 2.3 GO:0034227 tRNA thio-modification(GO:0034227)
0.7 19.2 GO:0009235 cobalamin metabolic process(GO:0009235)
0.5 5.3 GO:0070836 caveola assembly(GO:0070836)
0.5 2.3 GO:0060374 positive regulation of neutrophil apoptotic process(GO:0033031) mast cell differentiation(GO:0060374)
0.4 2.9 GO:0070294 renal sodium ion absorption(GO:0070294)
0.3 4.3 GO:0070389 chaperone cofactor-dependent protein refolding(GO:0070389)
0.3 2.2 GO:0060501 positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation involved in lung morphogenesis(GO:0060501)
0.3 2.3 GO:0048386 positive regulation of retinoic acid receptor signaling pathway(GO:0048386)
0.2 14.4 GO:0030834 regulation of actin filament depolymerization(GO:0030834)
0.1 20.6 GO:0006334 nucleosome assembly(GO:0006334)
0.1 1.4 GO:0045198 establishment of epithelial cell apical/basal polarity(GO:0045198)
0.1 4.1 GO:0071431 tRNA export from nucleus(GO:0006409) tRNA-containing ribonucleoprotein complex export from nucleus(GO:0071431)
0.1 1.8 GO:0043457 regulation of cellular respiration(GO:0043457)
0.0 1.7 GO:0045540 regulation of cholesterol biosynthetic process(GO:0045540)
0.0 2.1 GO:0043647 inositol phosphate metabolic process(GO:0043647)
0.0 3.4 GO:0006694 steroid biosynthetic process(GO:0006694)
0.0 1.3 GO:0038128 ERBB2 signaling pathway(GO:0038128)
0.0 3.2 GO:0006367 transcription initiation from RNA polymerase II promoter(GO:0006367)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular_component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
1.5 4.6 GO:0045293 MIS complex(GO:0036396) mRNA editing complex(GO:0045293)
1.1 9.7 GO:0070022 transforming growth factor beta receptor homodimeric complex(GO:0070022)
0.7 11.2 GO:0031616 spindle pole centrosome(GO:0031616)
0.3 4.8 GO:0031080 nuclear pore outer ring(GO:0031080)
0.3 6.0 GO:0016580 Sin3 complex(GO:0016580)
0.2 1.7 GO:0016602 CCAAT-binding factor complex(GO:0016602)
0.2 2.3 GO:0097470 ribbon synapse(GO:0097470)
0.1 20.6 GO:0048770 melanosome(GO:0042470) pigment granule(GO:0048770)
0.1 6.7 GO:0055038 recycling endosome membrane(GO:0055038)
0.1 2.3 GO:0005942 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex(GO:0005942)
0.1 5.8 GO:0000777 condensed chromosome kinetochore(GO:0000777)
0.1 2.6 GO:0045171 intercellular bridge(GO:0045171)
0.0 14.4 GO:0030027 lamellipodium(GO:0030027)
0.0 4.1 GO:0031093 platelet alpha granule lumen(GO:0031093)
0.0 21.3 GO:0005739 mitochondrion(GO:0005739)
0.0 4.7 GO:0030424 axon(GO:0030424)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular_function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
2.4 9.7 GO:0005026 transforming growth factor beta receptor activity, type II(GO:0005026)
2.2 11.2 GO:0043023 ribosomal large subunit binding(GO:0043023)
1.5 4.6 GO:0016422 mRNA (2'-O-methyladenosine-N6-)-methyltransferase activity(GO:0016422)
1.0 14.4 GO:0030215 semaphorin receptor binding(GO:0030215)
0.9 5.5 GO:0008046 axon guidance receptor activity(GO:0008046)
0.5 2.1 GO:0052827 inositol pentakisphosphate phosphatase activity(GO:0052827)
0.4 6.0 GO:0032041 histone deacetylase activity (H3-K14 specific)(GO:0031078) NAD-dependent histone deacetylase activity (H3-K14 specific)(GO:0032041)
0.3 2.3 GO:0030267 hydroxypyruvate reductase activity(GO:0016618) glyoxylate reductase (NADP) activity(GO:0030267)
0.3 2.3 GO:0035005 1-phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 3-kinase activity(GO:0035005)
0.3 5.8 GO:0032454 histone demethylase activity (H3-K9 specific)(GO:0032454)
0.2 5.3 GO:0070300 phosphatidic acid binding(GO:0070300)
0.2 1.9 GO:0044323 retinoic acid-responsive element binding(GO:0044323)
0.1 2.3 GO:0016783 sulfurtransferase activity(GO:0016783)
0.1 3.4 GO:0034237 protein kinase A regulatory subunit binding(GO:0034237)
0.1 4.3 GO:0001671 ATPase activator activity(GO:0001671)
0.1 1.4 GO:0001087 transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding, RNA polymerase recruiting(GO:0001011) transcription factor activity, TFIIB-class binding(GO:0001087)
0.1 1.8 GO:0051537 2 iron, 2 sulfur cluster binding(GO:0051537)
0.0 2.2 GO:0036002 pre-mRNA binding(GO:0036002)
0.0 5.8 GO:0001078 transcriptional repressor activity, RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific binding(GO:0001078)
0.0 1.4 GO:0050699 WW domain binding(GO:0050699)
0.0 1.4 GO:0019003 GDP binding(GO:0019003)
0.0 1.7 GO:0000980 RNA polymerase II distal enhancer sequence-specific DNA binding(GO:0000980)
0.0 1.3 GO:0004715 non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity(GO:0004715)
0.0 1.4 GO:0005070 SH3/SH2 adaptor activity(GO:0005070)
0.0 3.6 GO:0005516 calmodulin binding(GO:0005516)

Gene overrepresentation in C2:CP category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.4 6.0 PID RANBP2 PATHWAY Sumoylation by RanBP2 regulates transcriptional repression
0.2 11.2 PID BARD1 PATHWAY BARD1 signaling events
0.2 9.7 PID ALK1 PATHWAY ALK1 signaling events
0.1 2.3 SA TRKA RECEPTOR The TrkA receptor binds nerve growth factor to activate MAP kinase pathways and promote cell growth.
0.1 5.5 PID AJDISS 2PATHWAY Posttranslational regulation of adherens junction stability and dissassembly
0.0 1.3 PID KIT PATHWAY Signaling events mediated by Stem cell factor receptor (c-Kit)
0.0 1.8 WNT SIGNALING Genes related to Wnt-mediated signal transduction
0.0 1.4 PID BETA CATENIN NUC PATHWAY Regulation of nuclear beta catenin signaling and target gene transcription
0.0 1.7 PID MYC REPRESS PATHWAY Validated targets of C-MYC transcriptional repression

Gene overrepresentation in C2:CP:REACTOME category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.4 9.7 REACTOME TGF BETA RECEPTOR SIGNALING IN EMT EPITHELIAL TO MESENCHYMAL TRANSITION Genes involved in TGF-beta receptor signaling in EMT (epithelial to mesenchymal transition)
0.2 5.5 REACTOME ACTIVATION OF RAC Genes involved in Activation of Rac
0.2 6.0 REACTOME G0 AND EARLY G1 Genes involved in G0 and Early G1
0.2 11.2 REACTOME DEPOSITION OF NEW CENPA CONTAINING NUCLEOSOMES AT THE CENTROMERE Genes involved in Deposition of New CENPA-containing Nucleosomes at the Centromere
0.1 4.8 REACTOME NEP NS2 INTERACTS WITH THE CELLULAR EXPORT MACHINERY Genes involved in NEP/NS2 Interacts with the Cellular Export Machinery
0.1 2.3 REACTOME REGULATION OF SIGNALING BY CBL Genes involved in Regulation of signaling by CBL
0.1 2.2 REACTOME TRANSPORT OF MATURE TRANSCRIPT TO CYTOPLASM Genes involved in Transport of Mature Transcript to Cytoplasm
0.0 1.4 REACTOME SIGNAL REGULATORY PROTEIN SIRP FAMILY INTERACTIONS Genes involved in Signal regulatory protein (SIRP) family interactions
0.0 4.6 REACTOME PROCESSING OF CAPPED INTRON CONTAINING PRE MRNA Genes involved in Processing of Capped Intron-Containing Pre-mRNA
0.0 1.4 REACTOME MYOGENESIS Genes involved in Myogenesis
0.0 1.9 REACTOME NUCLEAR RECEPTOR TRANSCRIPTION PATHWAY Genes involved in Nuclear Receptor transcription pathway